Sound Branding: Coca-Cola are getting it right at the World Cup 2014

Posted by admin on July 26, 2014
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Coca Cola FIFA World Cup 2014

Even though Coca-Cola are the undisputed leaders when it comes to using music in advertising (“I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing”, “First Time” a.s.o.), it has generally been campaign based. After a rather long period of disorientation at the end of the 90′s, Coca-Cola have developed a Sound Logo which, despite its initial rather discrete use, has been implemented quite consistently – especially in the Olympics and other major sporting events.

Now, as FIFA-Sponsor, they are really showing the world how Sound Branding works with their official song – “The World is Ours”.

So, what are they doing right? Apart from choosing a singer who was born in Brasil and is already quite well known from the “The X Factor”, they have created a rather catchy middle-of-the-road song and given it a distinctive Brazilian feel by featuring percussion from a group called Monobloco. But most important of all, the song features the Coca-Cola Sound Logo, which although prominent, is still used aesthetically. Admittedly, the majority of people may not able to sing the Coca-Cola Sound Logo on demand, as they probably could with “Intel“. Nevertheless, I predict that this track will trigger a definite association to Coca-Cola in the minds of the great majority of listeners.

The secret formula? Simple, clear – and consistent.

Sound Branding – it’s the real thing!

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